Introducing Lindsey

Specialist Menopausal Pharmacist

About Lindsey

Meet Lindsey – the New Beginnings Menopausal Pharmacist. Lindsey is an independent prescriber and works solely for Newson Health which has grown rapidly and is now the largest menopause clinic in the world. Dr Louise Newson and her team are dedicated to improving education for both healthcare practitioners and the public.

“I am excited to be teaming up with the New beginnings Retreat and I hope to improve the understanding of all aspects of menopause, in a friendly and interactive manner. I set up The Hormone Pharmacist after much encouragement from Dr Newson, to provide affordable expert menopause advice, which enables women to make an informed choice about the treatment they would like.

I am a member of The British Menopause Society”

Introducing Tosh

The Divorce Goddess

About Tosh

Introducing Tosh – the New Beginnings Divorce Coach. An inspirational speaker and therapist, qualified mindfulness and Reiki master teacher Tosh’s mission is to empower and support those going through separation and divorce to change their mindset.

“I have helped over 1,000 people from all around the world with my coaching, online courses and private group. From victim, blame and anger to acceptance and forgiveness, compassion and self-kindness, to thrive rather than survive so they can live a wonderful life beyond. It begins with self-love, and if that is too difficult self-kindness is a great start.

I will also be sharing tips for increasing self worth, self empowerment and guiding you through the fear of taking control of financial matters. I started my blog in 2014 attracting over 100k hits and in 2019 began the Divorce Goddess podcast which ranked 41st in the US and 16 th in UK Relationship charts after 12 episodes.

I co-authored the #1 Best Seller Personal Health Mindfulness for Challenging Times with Shamash Alidina and Ceremonies – The Art of Ritual Living with Holistic Fashionista.

Introducing Suzy

Functional Medicine Health Coach

About Suzy

Suzy Glaskie is a Functional Medicine Health Coach, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, founder of Peppermint Wellness and host of the Wellness Unwrapped podcast. She works with people in midlife to help them to shift out of overwhelm and rediscover their calm, balance, energy and vibrancy.

“My passion is supporting people who are feeling overstretched, overwhelmed and overstressed. I gently guide them out of self-sabotage and help them to stop beating themselves up for having got stuck in unhealthy habits. So often, they want to get themselves healthy…but don’t even have the headspace to know where or how to start. I help them to slowly adopt small, sustainable healthy habits that add up to a huge transformation in their emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. They recover their self-belief, feel comfortable in their own skin – and finally start to thrive.”

Introducing Ruth

Intimacy Coach

About Ruth

Introducing Ruth – the New Beginnings Intimacy Coach. Ruth is an adult sex educator and coach. She helps people of all genders understand who they are sexually, how their bodies and minds work, what they most need and desire, and how to move towards that.

“I hold a transformational coaching diploma, which I back up with vast life experience. I also hold an Erotic Award for campaigning for sexual rights of people with disabilities; I was a striptease artist for over a decade and have taught exotic dance extensively; I’ve been a sex journalist, activist, model, kink performer, and more.

My clients value my ability to create an entirely judgement-free, safe space to talk about their sexual lives. My style is upbeat and pleasure-led.

My mission is to normalise conversation around sex, removing the shame and stigma, and recognising sexual energy as a healthy force for good.”

Introducing Christian

The Sound Therapy Alchemist

About Christian

Introducing Christian, the founder of ‘The Sound Therapy Alchemist’. He is a fully qualified Sound Therapist, Reiki, Meditation and Mindfulness practitioner, with each respective area of practice complementing each other, all aiding in bringing wellbeing through Sound and Energy.

“As a sound healing practitioner, it is deeply important to me that I hold space for you in a professional and compassionate way, so that I can assist you on a journey that will aid in the healing of your mind, body and spirit enabling you to return to a positive state of health and wellbeing.

The sound bath experience will help you with the following:

A reduction of stress, anxiety & depression
Reduced sickness & improved productivity
Improved mental clarity & memory recall
Reduced pain & inflammation
Improved energy & overall health and wellbeing

I look forward to sharing my therapies with you.”

Introducing Rachel

Yoga Expert

About Rachel

Rachel is the New Beginnings Fusion Yoga Expert. Having worked in the health and fitness industry for her entire adult life, her passion is completely focused around making people feel good in their own skin.

“Physical and psychological wellbeing go hand in hand; and through my Yoga Pilates Fusion class we combine mindful movement, positive energy and grounding meditation. All set to beautiful music the class will help you to feel energized in your body, find clarity in your mind and open your heart.

I hope everyone will walk away from the session feeling uplifted and empowered to move forwards with strength, confidence and grace.”

Introducing Debbie

Co-Founder – New Beginnings

About Debbie

Debbie has been a qualified beauty therapist for over 25 years. Her passion is in holistic treatments as well as all other beauty treatments and cater for everyone and any treatment that she does will be tailor made.

“I’m an expert in touch therapies including massage, reflexology and skin rejuvenation, whilst I will not be performing treatments on the retreats, I will be there with empathy and compassion throughout.”

Introducing Katie

Co-Founder – New Beginnings

About Katie

Katie is a holistic therapist based in Leeds. She has created her own style of healing and offers a variety of different personalised therapies for her clients.​

Her pathway into holistic health started when she began a journey in search of ways to help someone very special to her.

“Without realising just how this would shape the next phase of my life, it became obvious that this was not only a hobby but my new vocation in life. I feel blessed to have found a profession that brings me so much satisfaction, working with emotional problems and physical injuries.

Whilst I won’t be running sessions during the retreats, my skillset will be there throughout, to support you with kindness on your healing journey.